1950 Founded by WERNER MARQUARDT.
Production of hair dryers and motors.
1953 Special switches for automatic timers are manufactured.
1957 Production of buzzers and horns.
Production of hair dryers, motors and automatic timers ceases.
1992 New building construction doubles existing production space.
1994 WERMA presents the world's first modular signal tower, KombiSIGN.
1997 Strong business expansion via new developments, especially of optical signal devices.
1999 WERMA has more than 100 employees.
With the KombiSIGN signal tower, the company is the world's second largest signal tower supplier.
2000 WERMA celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2002 WERMA moves into the largest new building construction in the company history with 3,000 m² of additional work space.
2005 Founding of the subsidiary Werma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with its own production location for Asia; a subsidiary in Switzerland is opened in Neuhausen am Rheinfall.
2007 The subsidiary WERMA UK Ltd. is founded.
2008 A French subsidiary is founded.
2009 A subsidiary is founded in Belgium.
2012 Founding of a subsidiary in the USA.
2015 WERMA celebrates its 65th anniversary.