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MST 71 ENG Flyer

18 May 2017

MST 71 is designed to offer an economical, reliable and ideal signalisation of choice and solutions for enhancing workplace safety and process optimisation virtually for any industry.
User-friendly built in features of the convex lens design has enhanced the visibility and clarity of the light effect conforming to the most demanding applications of today’s requirements & regulations.

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KombiSIGN 72 Catalogue

18 May 2017

Leading industrial and logistics companies rely on the KombiSIGN 72. KomibiSIGN 72 combines the highest level of flexibility, the best visibility from all positions and simple installation. The KombiSIGN 72 has a future-orientated design that can be easily networked to an MDC alternative SmartMONITOR or to the AndonSPEED call for action system. This saves time and money, throughout the entire process from purchasing, and installation, to daily use.

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2017 WERMA MDC & Andon Catalogue CN

21 February 2017

WERMA机器监控系统 ——

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WERMA MDC & Andon Catalogue EN

11 February 2015

Machine monitoring Systems from WERMA - Retrofit solutions for transparency in production processes

For Production Directors, Lean Managers and Process Engineers

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