808/818 Series Beacon

Versatile and reliable

Your benefits

In 2018, WERMA Shanghai initiated a modification on our existing 808/818 series beacon. This modification provided not only to a new facelift of the design cosmetically but also improved on its robustness.

WERMA new generation 808/818 series beacon bring to you the new experience with improvement on the performance that display a more distinctive light effect that meet most of the versatile application needs.

  • Full LED Flashing: Increase safety awareness and durable
  • Versatile design: Enhance customers product image with professional outlook
  • Dual mounting options(Base &Tube): Provide flexible mounting needs
  • IP65: Ideal product for industrial applications

Typical applications

Improve the optical signal for the error

  • Machinery industry
  • construction machinery
  • Factory automation

Installation options

  • Base mounting
  • Tube mounting


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