CST 55

Integrated signal tower light

Your benefits

The CST55 transparent lampshade and gray base can be matched with a variety of modern machines. The transparent lampshade design also prevents ambient light interference, improving quality and ensuring your production safety. The CST55 adds a model with its own stand, and the entire line of products comes standard with cables that increase your customer experience while reducing your cost and installation time.


  • Industrial design, matching modern machines
  • 360° visible, all-round clear light
  • 2-4 layers and buzzer are optional, flexible and suitable for more needs
  • 85 decibel pulse to clearly identify the signal
  • Complete kit (including mounting brackets and cables) for quick and easy installation

Typical application

Signal an error to the error


  • Electronic assembly
  • Detection
  • Small CNC
  • Non-standard automation equipment

Installation selection

  • Flat installation
  • Additional installation options are available with accessories