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Welcome to our FAQs. This area gives you answers to frequently asked questions all about our products, our service and ordering via the WERMA online shop.

If you cannot find your question or you need further information, then please call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can quickly and conveniently find your desired products via the search function, several filter options, a convenient product comparison and our online configurations. Additional images, useful supplementary information in the 'Tech Talk' section and product selection according to application areas make it simple for you to select a specific product.

Your personal 'My WERMA' customer account, your notice slip, tracking of shipments and many other services in your own personal area means your online ordering is especially convenient and simple. You can of course also contact our sales team if you have any further questions.

 The search function is located in the header area of the WERMA homepage. Simply enter your product name, a keyword or a specific article number into the search field and click on the magnifying glass symbol.

After entering the first three letters or numbers, our search function suggests suitable results.

Search results are displayed clearly, categorised in three groups:

  • Products
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You can also find your desired product via the 'Advanced Search'. You can limit the product selection here with the filter function in the left column.

Dimensional drawings, 3D models and operating instructions for specific products can be downloaded via our homepage. Just select the desired product or search for this via the article number, and download or save the desired data.
WERMA offers a wide-ranging catalogue and many brochures and information. You can order these from us directly or download them quickly and simply in our download area.
Information about mounting and connection of our products can be found in our operating instructions. Operating instructions for the specific products are available for downloading via our homepage.
Just select the desired product or search for this via the article number, and download or save the operating instructions stored with the product. You can of course also contact WERMA directly.
Piktogramm CE The CE designation confirms concordance of the product with the corresponding fundamental requirements of all guidelines applicable for the product.
Piktogramm TÜV This mark confirms that the product is suitable for the intended application and conforms to the relevant standards and guidelines. In addition, the manufacturer-specific technical data of the product are confirmed by the TÜV (German technical control board).
Piktogramm UL Products with this inspection mark are tested and registered by the UL for the North American market; the certification is also valid for Canada. The UL also monitors the production processes at WERMA.
Products with the 'Class 2' supplement may only be used in circuits operated according to UL Class 2.
Piktogramm EHEDG The aim of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) is the drawing up and publication of guidelines for hygiene technology for the processing and packaging of foodstuffs. Certification by this consortium confirms compliance with stringent design criteria for avoidance of constructive weaknesses and for minimisation of contamination risk.
Piktogramm IPA The certificate of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA is an inspection mark for products that have objectively qualified for cleanroom suitability according to recognised standards and guidelines.
Piktogramm Ex Signal devices with this inspection mark and inspection number are authorised for use in explosive surroundings. Ex devices guarantee high resistance against extreme loads.
Piktogramm ASI Products designated with the AS-Interface certification logo (shadow logo) correspond to the AS-Interface specifications (EN 50295, IEC 62026-2) and have been certified by the AS-International Association.
Piktogramm PCT Because of the difference between European and Russian production and inspection standards, the majority of goods exported to Russia have to be tested by an independent and accredited association of experts for their conformity to Russian standards and requirements. Proof of conformity is supplied in the form of a GOST-R certificate.
Piktogramm GL Germanischer Lloyd sets standards in technology, quality and safety for the maritime branch and industry. As well as classifying ships of all types, Germanischer Lloyd is known as a technical monitoring association.
Piktogramm e11 This approval designation documents that proof of minimal technical requirements in the automotive branch has been supplied for facilities thus designated.
Piktogramm VDS The VDS guidelines cover demands for signal devices used in burglary and fire alarm systems.
Protection ratings for devices: protection ratings via housing DIN EN 60529 (DIN VDE 0470 IEC 60529).

1st digit: protection level against access to hazardous parts, against solid foreign bodies

IP 0X Not protected.
IP 1X Protected against access to hazardous parts with the back of the hand.
IP 2X Protected against access to hazardous parts with the finger. The probe with Ø 12 mm and length 80 mm must have sufficient distance to the hazardous parts. A ball of diameter 12.5 mm must not fully enter the housing.
IPX3 The test bar of 2.5 mm diameter must not fully enter the housing.
IP 4X A wire of 1 mm diameter must not enter the housing.
IP 5X Ingress of dust is not completely prevented, but this must not impair safety or functionality of the device.
IP 6X Ingress of dust is completely prevented.

2nd digit: Protection levels against water

IP 0X No water protection.
IP 1X Water drops falling vertically must have no damaging influence.
IP 2X Water drops falling onto the device must have no damaging influence when the device is inclined up to 15°.
IPX3 Water sprayed at an angle up to 60° on both sides of the vertical must have no damaging influence.
IP 4X Water sprayed from all directions against the control equipment must have no damaging influence.
IP 5X A water jet from a nozzle directed from all directions against the control equipment must have no damaging influence.
IP 6X Protection against heavy seas. A strong jet of water must have no damaging influence.
IP 7X Protection against temporary immersion.
IP 8X Protection against continuous immersion.
IP 9Xk Protection against water with high pressure / steam jet cleaning.
Signal colour Meaning
Red Serious danger / hazardous condition
Yellow Caution / imminent critical condition
Green Normal condition
White/clear No special meaning
Blue Condition that requires a pre-defined action
Audible signal DescriptionMeaning
Multi-tone Tone sequence with various frequencies (different high and low frequencies) with regular, cyclic intervalsSerious danger / urgent action
Bi-tone Tone sequence with various frequencies (one high and one low frequency) with regular, cyclic intervalsSerious danger / urgent action
Alternating tone Continuous tone with stepped reduction and increasing audible frequencyDanger / urgent action
Pulse tone Regular intervals between on and off cycleDanger / urgent reaction
Continuous tone Continuous tone at a specific frequencySafety condition
 WERMA offers you an extensive range of explosion protected signal devices. These are suitable for use in gas and steam atmospheres as well as dust atmospheres.

Our Quick-Finder allows you to quickly and simply locate the right signal device for your application area. If you need further support when selecting a suitable ex signal device, please call us!

Light sources are included with our LED, flashing or blinking beacons. No separate ordering is required.
An exception to these are the permanent beacons however. Here bulbs must be individually and separately ordered.
If you have any technical queries about any of our products, then please feel free to contact us.

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The abbreviation 'RoHS' is short for 'Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances'. Please contact us
 With the aid of our Signal Tower Configurator you can configure your signal tower simply and quickly, assign it directly to the shopping cart and directly order online.
WIN is equipped with several protection mechanisms, which prevent the transmissions being intercepted. In addition, confidential data from the WIN system will not transmitted wirelessly.
The WIN master is not connected to a WIN slave.
Please note the safety instructions and system requirements.
Yes, you can create a CSV file with an appropriate format (see chapter These can then be imported into the WIN software.
You can contact WERMA via the telephone number: +49 (0) 7424 9557-0.

We are available for you from 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays and from 7.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Fridays.

You can also send us a message at info@werma.com. We will process your query as quickly as possible.

Our contact details:
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The WERMA ordering process is in five steps:

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  3. User data
  4. Delivery and shipping
  5. 1.Confirmation

You can find further information in the Delivery and shipping section.

 If you have a valid sales tax identification number you can order in our online shop, independent of whether you are already a customer or are ordering with WERMA for the first time.
 In the 'My WERMA' section you can see the status of your current orders at any time and track these with the shipment tracking function.
You can see your order history, customer data and individual conditions and also register any complaints in the 'My WERMA' section.
 You can access the registration form for our online shop via the following Link. Please enter your company data here and send these to WERMA.
Your personal user data for the WERMA online shop will then be sent to you automatically.
Our delivery and payment conditions are in the „Delivery and shipping“section. You can also find additional information in our General Terms and Conditions.
You can change your personal data and individual password at any time in the 'My WERMA' section.
Within Germany

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Articles that can be delivered immediately are transferred to our shipper on the same / next day following your order and according to order input. No goods are shipped on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. Please consult your order confirmation for the precise delivery date of your ordered articles.

Express shipping

We offer you the option of express shipping of products. In this way you receive your delivery one work day after dispatch. Please note that for this your order must be received by us to 12 a.m. midday at the latest and dispatch is only on work days (no dispatch on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays).

Please note that higher shipping costs are due for express shipping compared to standard shipping. These can be seen in your order confirmation.

In the 'My WERMA' section you can see the status of your order and track your package online.
For this, click on the link for delivery tracking of the corresponding shipping company specified in your order confirmation.
Because our E-shop is connected to our SAP/R3 system, availability of the individual products can be displayed immediately.
As soon as you place a product in the shopping cart a renewed availability check is carried out. In this way, with every order step you have up-to-date information about the availability of your selected product.
Credit card We give you 3% discount with credit card payment.
We accept Mastercard, Visa and JCB.
Payment in advance We give you 3% discount with payment in advance.
Cash on delivery Bei der Bezahlung per Nachnahme gewähren wir Ihnen 3% Skonto.
Die Nachnahmegebühr von 6 Euro geht zu Ihren Lasten und wird bei den Versandkosten entsprechend berücksichtigt. Den Rechnungsbetrag, sowie die Versandkosten bezahlen Sie direkt an den Zusteller.
Außerhalb Deutschlands können wir die Zahlungsmöglichkeit per Nachnahme leider nicht anbieten.
Invoice Payment per invoice is only possible for existing customers. First deliveries are per credit card, cash in advance or with cash on delivery.
Within Germany, for payment within 14 days from the date of invoice we give 2% discount, and 30 days net.
Outside of Germany, our individually agreed payment conditions are valid for existing customers.
Because our E-shop is connected to our SAP/R3 system, your individual conditions are considered with online purchases as well. For this though you must have registered with our E-shop.
Yes, postage and packaging costs are contained in the invoice total. These are listed as a separate position.
 You can find information about the guarantee/warranty for our products in our general Delivery and Payment Conditions and in ourn General Terms and Conditions.
In the 'My WERMA' section you can register your complaints and contact WERMA. Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible. We will process this and contact you as soon as possible.
Returns are only possible with consent of the supplier and via standard post. When returning standard articles, 20% of the goods value but at least 30 euros must be billed as costs for unpackaging, inspecting and repackaging for protection of the next purchaser.
Damaged goods and special goods (i.e. all goods not listed in the correspondingly valid catalogue with order numbers) cannot be returned.
The beacon supports the USB standards 2.0 and 1.1
The beacon is connected to the computer’s USB port using a USB cable fitted with a mini USB plug.
The beacon is recognised as a serial interface.
Yes. No siliconcontaining materials are used.
Please note the following additional information when using the vocal element with Windows 7: If the vocal element fails to play audio files we recommend disconnecting and then re-connecting the vocal element to the PC. Users should then wait for the hardware to be found before disconnecting the vocal element again. Users are requested to use the "Safely remove hardware" function during the disconnection process and wait until the message "Safe to remove hardware" appears before disconnecting the vocal element from the PC. Alternatively, music files can be transferred to the vocal element using a different operating system (e.g. Windows 2000/XP or Linux).